content_marco-ark760_1_Marco Autorefractor/ Autokeratometer

Autorefractors are machines that automatically determine the correct lens prescription for your eyes.  If you’ve discovered you might need vision correction during your eye examination, it’s vital to determine just how “much” your eyes need to be corrected with lenses or contact lenses. This is called measuring your “refraction.”  Autorefractors automatically measure this value during an eye examination.

content_OculusEasyFieldOculus Visual Field

The Oculus Centerfield perimeter is a state-of-the-art visual field tester which is used in the diagnosis and management of many eye diseases, such as glaucoma and neurologic eye diseases such as optic neuritis.

content_cpve05-K03_aClear Chart Visual Acuity System

The ClearChart utilizes a medium that is familiar to patients of all ages. The system reduces patient memorization and can be used with the room lights on for added comfort. The ClearChart’s Hearing Impared Patient Communication System facilitates more rapid and effective testing of patients with hearing difficulties.

content_icare_PRO_womanIcare Tonometer (no air puff)

The easy-to-use Icare tonometers revolutionize effective, early glaucoma detection and control by making the IOP measuring routine quick, effortless, effective and patient-friendly.

content_canon_cr2_retinal_cameraCanon Retinal Camera

These machines take images of the back of the inside of your eye and are used to diagnose conditions such as glaucoma. The retina is also the only place in the human body where blood vessels can be directly observed so detailed pictures can also help doctors spot the early signs of diabetes and hypertension. A very clear, high resolution image is essential so that doctors can detect the exact formation of blood vessels and tissues in an area just a few millimeters wide.

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